The Hopper Fund exists to help under-represented minorities attend technical conferences, training, and other technical industry events.

If you’re working in technology, or want to work in technology, attending conferences, training, and other industry events is vital. It helps to ensure your skills are current and provides invaluable networking opportunities. Many opportunities and jobs in the New Zealand technology industry are accessed through personal relationships formed at these events.

Minority groups are significantly under-represented at these events. We aim to increase the representation and provide opportunities to minority groups by assisting with conference/event tickets, transport, and accommodation and other funding.

For companies, and for our wider industry, it’s important to promote and increase diversity - more diverse companies are provably more successful and build better products to serve the communities they exist in.

Who is this?

The Hopper Fund aims to work with 3 groups:

How can I help?

We're currently seeking support to set up as a charitable trust. You can contact us at